Black Eco-Leather Belt With Blue Stones

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Made with 100% sustainable and handcrafted cowhide leather. Organic tanning supplement. It is naturally pigmented obtaining an aesthetic color, which enhances its classic style and gives it an ideal tone for any outfit. Afterwards, beeswax is applied to have a brighter tone and a touch according to the quality of the piece. The drying process is also done naturally, without using machinery or tools, but by ambient temperature thanks to the good weather and climate of our country. The entire manufacturing process allows the result to be a complement free of polluting residues. That's why the colors may vary slightly from the images Sizes: Available in 3 different sizes (without buckle). Unisex. Size: 85, 90 cm. The assorted size pack includes a belt of each color. More surprises: Elegant design with blue circular buckle. Made in Spain